Friday, July 10, 2009

Fun Filled Week

If you've ever spent any length of time with me, you've come to know that I appreciate some of the most random facts/ideas. So, with that said. It's been a GREAT week. I will explain...

Wednesday, July 8th was: 07/08/09, how cool! Then, I further learned that only ever once in my life would this be. To add to that coolness, I learned of the fact that it truly would only ever be this cool:
04:05.06 on 07/08/09

In case you're confused, it's 04 am, 05 minutes, 06 seconds the 08th day of July (07) in the year 09. Talk about awesome!!!! I sent out a text to friends & had an updated Facebook Status, and I had some fun responses from people, so I'm putting some of them here!

Kimberly Garavito: u r 2 cute thxs 4 sharing
Candy Teague: Oh jen :)
Melissa Martin: yaaaa! hahaa
Nancy Barrales: :) oh how i miss you :)
Brittany Ingold: Very interesting speef!
Becky Crossley: Haha oh jeni. Only you!
Jenn Vandersluis: Ha ha thanks Jeni!
Justin Guerrero: You would Jeni! Ha ha... You mom!
Me: Mom?
Justin: Yeah...You are a mom. Its a good thing :)
Ashley Siemens: Yes only you would know something like that :p
Daniel Hestehauge: you would notice something like this...haha

SOOOO the conclusion I've come to is: 1) I'm really weird or 2) I just appreciate the small things in life. I'd choose 2! But, really, things like this make life more interesting!!!

Today, Friday, July 10th is Cow Appreciation Day! Chick-Fil-A honors you if you dress in any way like a cow. Melissa and I have made this an annual tradition, check out the pictures!
1st: Melissa & I
2nd: Me, I'm a cow, mooooo!
3rd: The FREE food. The spots & nose were worth it, score!

Lastly, tomorrow, Saturday, July 11th is SLURPEE day!!!!!!! 7/11...come on now!
If you don't believe me, then visit the 7-11 newsroom report!

Have a splendid Fun Filled Week :-)


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Kids Grow Up TOO Fast

Look at the vast difference in Jadyn!
Top: December 2005

Bottom: May 31, 2009
Kids just grow up way too fast!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"Landed" A New Job

Beginning Monday, I will be one of these:

Yep! You got it...a Ramp Agent at Ontario Airport. I will have 4 days of training, then will be on a normal schedule! I will start part time & see where things advance. I will be working here & at MandM where I currently am working.

My main duty at the airport will be to have some smarts in Baggage Make Up, which is where all luggage is originally sent, then separated by flight, then into 4 different sections on each flight. Good times right there, especially with my strength of being strategic :-) I think I will like it!!!

Disaster Results Blessing in Disguise!

I came home from work today, not feeling too well (as I've been a bit under the weather since Sunday) only to open my bedroom door to see my closet in shambles. If you know me at all, I've been on this organized/neat freak kick ever since moving out (when I lived on campus) and thus sticking with it since returning home in December.

Well, apparently from weight & multiple earthquakes (my assumption here) the rack that holds all of my clothes and storage stuff, decided to take a dump today. Here's a picture.

So you're probably wondering what the blessing in disguise is. Well, since everything came tumbling down, I had to obviously pick it all up to get the rack out, so we can put a new one in. I have this bag, that I've used to keep special/important papers in. But knew it was very old. I decided what the heck, I'll go thru it. Well, in it I found 2 very important letters. They were scholarship letters! Of $ I had earned during my youth bowling leagues. At first I was upset, because I've obviously graduated college & didn't use them. I continued reading this letter, to find out the monies don't expire until 6 years from my high school graduation date. This year makes 4 years since then, so it's still good!!!!!! But, I'm no longer in school - bummer. Except, if I can show a receipt that I used $ to pay for tuition, books, etc. they can reimburse me. Wahoo, Jeni is getting $130.58. Hey, it's not a whole lot - but it will do. I'm not complaining!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

To Do or Not to Do

This is a product of my no longer being a college student. If I had to write a persuasive essay, it would go something like this! Sometimes I really miss school!!! I miss having my outlets of writing!

Contrary to popular belief, I don't think it's such a bad idea! It's funny how often this topic of conversation comes up, and it's very interesting to hear the different sides that people present. I'm pretty open, and am typically an out of the box thinker. I don't just agree with people because it's the "expected" thing, I tend to voice my opinion & form my own beliefs. I think it's definitely hard sometimes to stand behind your own beliefs, especially when they're contrary to popular demand - particularly with those closest to you, but then what would this world be like if we all just simply had the same thoughts & belief system? It'd be pretty dull if you ask me.

So, my thoughts on online dating.... 1st, I think the term "online dating" needs to be defined. I guess it could be interpreted in many ways, but here is what I deem the meaning to be, a social network, providing just an additional avenue of how you could potentially meet someone. I'm not sure "online dating" is very accurate either. Because you don't date online, unless you only intend to converse with someone online, never having the potential to meet them & become friends. If that's the case, then online dating is accurate, though that's now how I'd interpret it. Dating is an actual act, going out, getting to know someone - how you'd ever do that online, I'm not sure. Anyone can type something out about themselves, making them out to be whoever they wish, but when you interact with them, seeing their personality come to life, etc. you can make a judgement on whether the individual has portrayed themselves properly or not.

Just as you meet someone at a restaurant, waiting in a line somewhere, at a theme park, at a bar, at a park, through a friend, etc. you have the same chances of meeting someone online. Sure, there are crazies, and creepos out there, but who's to say that the person you meet in line at the grocery store doesn't have the potential to be just as crazy, if not worse, than someone you'd meet online. Bottom line, there are weirdos and creepos everywhere, we'll never steer clear from them. Whenever or however you meet someone, it should be done w/ caution & discernment, because you NEVER know what you're getting yourself into. Just as someone can send you an email stating facts about themselves, a person telling you face to face could easily be lying to you the same way.

I think we all know the potential dangers of online hear the stories on the news, you get the horrific emails, etc. If you're going into something blindly, you need to have your guard up, and be prepared in any given situation. I'm going to focus on the positives, because I think we all get in this rut of negativity, and it's time for a change.

Watch a TV show, and you're bound to see an eHarmony commercial, a commercial, or something of the sort. Why are these so popular? Is it because they're making bank? Well, they are, because people pay to use their services, but it's popular because people have found it to work. Technology has been so advanced over the past 2 decades, and especially in my generation, our focus has been on virtual communication. We were the generation that used to hang out in chat rooms, spend hours on end on AIM, email our friends/family whenever the opportunity presented itself, etc. We have known online communication, so of course internet dating seems like a valid option.

If I were to label a perk of online dating, it would have to be that you get to bypass the awkward stages of getting to know someone. Sites usually have profiles, where you can post pictures of yourself, your basic information, answer typical questions, and then you would generally have an area where you can say anything else, & mainly state what you're looking for in someone. One of the best parts, is if you're completely honest in stating what you want, if someone reads your profile & they know they don't fit to what you're looking for - you don't have to bother talking to them. I guess you could more or less say that profiles are like pouring flour into a sifter & sifting out the parts you don't want. You're not wasting anyones time, and that's a plus. You're not wasting your heart, emotions & efforts to try and impress anyone either. They either like what they see, and you can communicate, or you don't. Sounds good to me!

If they like what they see, and you like what you see, you can likely pursue further communication. It is often recommended to not give out personal information, which is obviously smart, for reasons we all should know. If communication is continued & you feel like your values match & you would be interested in getting to know one another further (either just as friends, or in pursuit of a potential relationship), an exchange of #s would be a good start. Then you just progress as if you'd just met anyone. You have to spend time together in order to get to know someone, but I would highly recommend not going alone for the initial meet. Better to be safe than sorry, right!?! If you hang out, in due time you'll be able to see if their character reflects who you thought them to be, etc. If you're in the right state of mind, and aren't just desperate to be with someone, I don't see online dating as being all that bad. Your motives should be pure (as in seeking out ANY relationship), and if you have certain expectations & standards for a relationship, don't ever lose sight of those!!! You should always seek someone who not only shares the same values/morals as you, though someone who helps you & encourages you to keep those values/morals in tact.

Here's to you & whichever avenue you choose to take in order to meet new people. Maybe it's one or the other, or maybe it's both. I wish you good luck & discernment in making wise decisions, in whatever it may be!

Friday, February 20, 2009

176 Days

Britt & I will be running a 1/2 Marathon together in 176 days. In 3 days I will begin my training, wahooo. Life change here I come :o)

If you want to read about the marathon, please visit:

Thursday, February 5, 2009

1 Item To Be Crossed Off

A year ago, Brittany Ingold & I became Speef's. What is a Speef? Well, a Speef, is a Spouse/Friend Forever. We became "spouses" because we had a health class together and the professor often referred to "how your spouse might do something" etc. etc. Obviously, neither of us have spouses, so we starting calling eachother Spouse. Then from there, she enlightened me to tell me that in high school, when they referred to their best friends, they called eachother Beef's (which is just pronouncing BFF's) So, we replaced the B w/ SP and thus we have SPFF, which is pronounced Speef. Now that you're clear on what Speef is, we can proceed.

When we moved back to campus this year, Speef & I lived together in a house w/ 4 other friends. It was great. We had similar school schedules and work schedules, so every Thursday we would go out for Speef Dates. We went to the MI (Mission Inn) and did hw and just enjoyed time together. During these times, we created a Speef Bucket List, and just recently added (due to Britt's amazing life goals) another item to the list, that WILL be crossed off in 2009! Now that I work full time...we've changed Speef dates to Wednesday nights. They're a ton of fun - and we do a variety of things. Someday SOON though, Speef Dates will be turning into marathon training nights (either running x amount of miles, or doing cross training). Britt had the brilliant idea of running a 1/2 marathon, and it took me all of about 2 minutes to invite myself to do it with her & jump on the bandwagon. I'm excited to do this!! I will keep you posted on what 1/2 Marathon we decide to do, and will probably do updates of how trainings are going :o)

The pictures are from our latest Speef Date (Wed. 2-4-09) at the Tyler Mall. Gotta love photo booths, $3 and you get a strip of pictures for each of you - you should do it - they rock. And, press for instructions in's even better! Cinco, cuatro, tres, dos, uno...Foto!