Friday, July 10, 2009

Fun Filled Week

If you've ever spent any length of time with me, you've come to know that I appreciate some of the most random facts/ideas. So, with that said. It's been a GREAT week. I will explain...

Wednesday, July 8th was: 07/08/09, how cool! Then, I further learned that only ever once in my life would this be. To add to that coolness, I learned of the fact that it truly would only ever be this cool:
04:05.06 on 07/08/09

In case you're confused, it's 04 am, 05 minutes, 06 seconds the 08th day of July (07) in the year 09. Talk about awesome!!!! I sent out a text to friends & had an updated Facebook Status, and I had some fun responses from people, so I'm putting some of them here!

Kimberly Garavito: u r 2 cute thxs 4 sharing
Candy Teague: Oh jen :)
Melissa Martin: yaaaa! hahaa
Nancy Barrales: :) oh how i miss you :)
Brittany Ingold: Very interesting speef!
Becky Crossley: Haha oh jeni. Only you!
Jenn Vandersluis: Ha ha thanks Jeni!
Justin Guerrero: You would Jeni! Ha ha... You mom!
Me: Mom?
Justin: Yeah...You are a mom. Its a good thing :)
Ashley Siemens: Yes only you would know something like that :p
Daniel Hestehauge: you would notice something like this...haha

SOOOO the conclusion I've come to is: 1) I'm really weird or 2) I just appreciate the small things in life. I'd choose 2! But, really, things like this make life more interesting!!!

Today, Friday, July 10th is Cow Appreciation Day! Chick-Fil-A honors you if you dress in any way like a cow. Melissa and I have made this an annual tradition, check out the pictures!
1st: Melissa & I
2nd: Me, I'm a cow, mooooo!
3rd: The FREE food. The spots & nose were worth it, score!

Lastly, tomorrow, Saturday, July 11th is SLURPEE day!!!!!!! 7/11...come on now!
If you don't believe me, then visit the 7-11 newsroom report!

Have a splendid Fun Filled Week :-)


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Liz! said...

jeni, you are AWESOME! :)